Current Happenings

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been on a slightly different direction here at II Much Fabrication. The most noticeable thing you might notice is that there’s relatively little mention of Fuel Vents, and that’s because I’ve sold that enterprise to my old business partner. I had grown weary of the time required, most especially time during business hours as I still have a day job and a manager that wasn’t too keen on not having my full attention during the day.

In the end, we parted company, and I’ve gotten back to building cars. If you’ve come here looking for fuel vents, a Google search will quickly get to where you want to be, or you can try this: Fuel Vent webstore.

Most recently, I’ve built an LS9-powered 69 Camaro for a local customer. I’ll post more about it over the next few days.

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